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ranjith on Eggless Brownie - Celebrating Our 200th Post

M Dhanesh on Festivals

Really informative and I wish to publish this kind of traditional value based articles which reminds our Hindu culture and life. Thanking the contibutors
Rashmi on Instant Crispy Home made Bread Pizza

Wheat bread makes it more crspy and tasty
ananthalakshmi on Bele Saaru-Simple Rasam

very nice Rasam i want know how to make rasampowder thankyou
Dr. E. John Jothi Prakash on Amla Sugar Candy - Step by Step Procedure

The recipe for the preparation of amla candy is short and sweet. It is easy to make amla candy and sharbat-two at one stroke. Thanks for the recipe.
Dr. E. John Jothi Prakash on Amla Sugar Candy - Step by Step Procedure

The recipe for the preparation of amla candy is short and sweet. It is easy to make amla candy and sharbat-two at one stroke. Thanks for the recipe.
Raksha on Holige-Obbattu

Super holige came wel and tasty
Vidya G Raju on Tomato Pepper Rasam

Hi Malathi, Happy to see, you have started this web site. Nice to see the receipes of tasty dishes. Surely I will try some receipes. Hope you will give us more and more receipes. All the best. Vidya G Raju
jayashree HV on Vothu Shavige-Home Made Rice Noodles

It was nightmare for me to do vothu shavige, this is really a great input. I tried , now it is like cakewalk doing vothu shavige. Thank you so much for sharing this.
Akshatha on Ragi Huri Hittu Juice-Roasted Finger Millet Juice

Hi! What's Ragi huri hittu?? Is it not the regular Ragi flour that we get in the stores? In a maharastrian store I've seen something called Nachani Satva, which is also from Ragi. But I don't know much about it. Would appreciate your response. Thanks.
Sathyaveni on Apple Jam - Microwave Recipe

yumm this sounds too good
Varini on Apple Jam - Microwave Recipe

perfectly made…looks delish!
Vasumathi on Apple Jam - Microwave Recipe

Looks mouth watering!!!
Roopakshi on Apple Jam - Microwave Recipe

Must try this for a variation.
Amanda on Pudina-Mint Bread Toast

I'm alwyas into being sneaky.. food wise. I love a good cook book and am usually trying to improvise by adding extra protien and nutrients in my cooking so I may check this one out. While standing in the book store drinking a late. I'd like to think my puree days are over now that my boys have teeth.
Soekarno on Methi Paratha

I love your wbitese. I've never seen so many diet recipes or such organization. This wbitese is great for references on dieting with HCG. Thank you for the introduction. Easy navigation and recipes galore.
Lenyn on Home made Crispy Adike Pudi-Supari

So glad to find your blog! Great stuff! I wish that I had more time for coinokg. When I need a new recipe I will be checking here!
David on Pudina Pulav- Mint Rice Pulav

Hi Kamala,Tried your pdnuia rice and delicious is the only wrd to describe it my hubby liked it very much and has asked me to prepare for the weekend get together with friends can you post keerai (spinach) sambar? don't know how to make it..Thanks a ton for your recipes kamala
Chaimae on Kanji - Rice Kanji

- yes! I agree the nttuirion on those things has gone completely down hill. How do they seem to make a MORE unhealthy cookie as people are more aware of what they're eating? I cringe when I see my husband polish off a packet of thin mint. Your adaptation looks great, I'll have to try them with brown rice syrup.
Raj on Cabbage Moong Dal Curry

I love your site very much , but etiher I dont have one of the Ingredients or I dont know it for this recipe I dont know what are moong daal and Asafetida ? please help
Melanie on Crispy Kadle Puri Oggarane-Mandakki Oggarane-Spicy Puffed Rice

Hi ma am Kripa I came across ur blog only rletnecy Tried kadai vegetable today And tomato rice the other day It came out so good . Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful recipes:)
Rathna on Gulab Jamun

perfectly made…looks delish!
sandhya on Gulab Jamun

Looks mouth watering!!!
kamala on Gulab Jamun

Its so perfect
kanmani on Gulab Jamun

Must try this for a variation.
Shinny on Gulab Jamun

Cool Theme
pankaja on Gulab Jamun

wow... this looks delicious... fabulous recipe
Nakshatra on Gulab Jamun

Thanks for the lovely recipe!!
Jaba on Corn Flakes Mixture

yummy this sounds too good
jyoti ahuja on Easy Eggless Dates Cake

whoever has written this recipe is an experienced person. I just want to tell that u r helping us by giving recipe on this website so that we can easily found it. So nice cakes and recipe u have showed us very brilliant. At last but not the least THANK U