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Most Popular Recipes

Recipe Name
Tasty Cucumber Roti
Cucumber is a vegetable which is available through out the year. Cucumber Roti is very simple in preparation and very tasty too. All you need is grated cucumber, chopped onions, coriander leaves, ginger piece, little coconut and medium sujje. more...

Methi Rice/Methya soppu Baath
Kannadigas enjoy this rice baath very much. Along with Methi leaves we add potatoes which gives a delicious taste. more...

Instant Crispy Home made Bread Pizza
Instant Crispy Home made Bread pizza is an all time favorite pizza for my kids. Home made Bread Pizza preparation is very easy and your kids will really love it. All you need is bread, semolina/sujee, cheese, butter and few veggie of your choice. more...

Hayagreeva is a very common sweet dish made in most Madhwa temples, especially in Rayara Matta\'s and Sonda Mutt. It is very easy to prepare and here comes the recipe ... more...

Easy Home made Chocolates
Easy home made chocolates melts in mouth and enjoyed by all age groups. Easy to prepare, all you need is cocoa, milk powder, butter and sugar. more...

Corn Pulao
Corn Pulao easy to prepare and taste great. This dish needs only two vegetables. Perfect for lunch box or as a breakfast dish. more...

Easy Carrot Roti
Carrot roti is very ideal for breakfast and very tasty too. All you need is grated carrot, chopped onions, coriander leaves, ginger piece, little coconut and medium sujje. more...

Easy Veg Pizza
Easy Veg Pizza recipe provided here helps you prepare delicious pizza at home without ordering from outside. All you need is Pizza base , few toppings, cheese and butter. You can prepare this in 30 mins. more...

Masala Puri
Masala Puri recipe is more like the one we get in Bangalore. Just try this mouth watering masala puri, really yummy .... more...

Kids Kishmish Pulav
Kishmish Pulav is not spicy and ideal for kids breakfast/lunch box. It is also very easy to prepare and you need very few vegetables like carrot, peas and a handful of kishmish. more...

Veg Cutlet Kids Favorite
Add vegetables to your families diet by preparing Veg Cutlet with Beetroot and Carrot. We add as many as vegetables as possible and make it very delicious. This is one of kids favorite dishes for parties. more...

Amla Rice/Nellikayi Chitranna
Amla/Indian gooseberry/Nellikayi is a sour and tangy fruit known for its medicinal qualities. It is rich in Vitamin C, and known to prevent premature hair-fall. Amla Rice is easy to prepare and is very tasty. more...

Bread Swirls
Bread swirls are crispy on the outside with a soft and cheesy potato stuffing. You can add as many as vegetables as possible and make the stuffing very delicious. Ultimately this is an awesome swirls.This is best suited for parties. more...

Home made Chikki
Home made chikki is very easy to prepare and very tasty. Our entire family and friends love it. This chikki is made out of groundnuts and sugar. Try this out you will not be disappointed. more...

Choco Bite
Yummy, tasty choco bite is very easy to prepare. A great little sweet for any occasion. If you want something small and light, give these a go!! more...

Corn Flakes Mixture
Corn Flakes mixture is an healthy easy mouth watering evening snacks. It is ideal for children lunch box snacks. more...

Vothu Shavige/Home Made Rice Noodles
Vothu Shavige/Home Made Rice Noodles is a traditional dish passed from our ajji to us. more...

Hittina Hollige/ white hollige
Hittina Hollige/ white hollige is a very traditional dish learnt from our sarojamma ajji. It is a very delicious and stomach filling dish. more...

Instant Crispy Ragi Dosa/Finger millet Dosa
Instant Ragi Dosa is apt for breakfast and you can prepare in no time. To make ragi dosa crispy I prefer to add fenugreek seeds/methi seeds. more...

Matvadi Palya/Methi Leaves Sabzi
Matvadi Palya a delicious yummy curry, of course my favorite dish too. You can eat this with chapati or mix with rice. You can also store this for two days while travelling. Here I have used Methi leaves, you can also use gorikaayi (cluster beans). more...

Pineapple Gojju/Sabzi
Pineapple gojju/sabzi is a sweet and sour dish prepared commonly in South Indian weddings. Pineapple gojju is of course my kids favorite dish. more...

Crispy Kodubale/Rice Flour Rings
Crispy Kodubale is really a yummy snack and is very famous snack in South India. My mom does real, yummy crispy Kodubale. I was just waiting for my mom to come my place and do this crispy Kodubale. Here goes the recipe of this ... more...

ChatPhat Beans Sabzi
Beans Sabzi/Palya is a very simple, easy to prepare and tastes great. It is a non spicy dish. more...

Hittina Aambode/Rice Flour Vada for Diwali Snacks
Hittina Aambode/Rice Flour Vada is a traditional snack, my grandmother used to prepare it and passed on the legacy. It tastes great and very crispy. Hittina Aambode/Vada is very easy to prepare. Try this out for Diwali and give a surprise to your family. It takes minutes to prepare and seconds to disappear from the plate! more...

Super Soppina Huli/Greens Sambar
Super Soppina Huli/Greens Sambar is a very popular South Indian curry. Greens Sambhar goes well with rice and also ragi balls. more...

Awesome Rava Burfi - Diwali Sweets
Rava burfi is the favorite sweet of our family, although the name looks very simple but the sweet is very delicious. You can prepare this sweet for any occasion. This Burfi is not too sweetish but tastes great like kaju burfi.. more...

Easy Rice Khichdi
Rice Khichdi is the easiest and quickest recipe for breakfast which i usually prepare. A nutritious and tasty breakfast too. more...

Saboodana Masala Idli
Saboodana also called as Sabbakki / Seemeakki / Pearl Sago is a starch extracted in the spongy center or pith, of various tropical palm stems and processed in the form of \"pearls\". Sago is pure carbohydrate and has very little protein, vitamins, or minerals. Here i am preparing a different type of Idli with sago/saboodana which is tasty and stomach filling also a easy breakfast too. more...

Sweet Corn Salad/Kosambari - Kids Favorite
Sweet Corn Kosambari is the most favorite salad/kosambari for kids. Sweet corn salad tastes great and is very healthy. more...

Ridge Gourd Capsicum Sabzi/Palya
We have already posted Ridge Gourd/Heerekayi Palya - Easy Version, now this is Ridge gourd with Capsicum Sabzi/Palya which goes well with Chapati. more...

Authentic Kerala and Tamilnadu traditional dish which is prepared using all vegetables and the coconut oil which gives a beautiful aroma.... don\'t miss just try and you will surely like!!! more...

Pudina Pulav/ Mint Rice Pulav
Pudina Pulav is one of the easiest dish which I usually prepare. Pudina Pulav is good for lunch box. I even prepare Pudina Rice but the taste is entirely different. more...

Rave Unde/ Rava Ladoo
Rave Unde a common and easy ladoo prepared in all south Indian houses, especially in Madhwa Brahmin houses. This is my sisters favorite dish too. more...

Amla/Nellikai Thokku
Amla/Nellikai Thokku is a traditional spicy side dish which is very much similar to pickle. Nellikai in Kannada is the Indian Gooseberry which is available in the market during the month of November (Kartika Masa). more...

Masala Peanuts/ Kara kadalai
I am preparing Masala Peanuts in Microwave, an evening snack which can be served with hot Tea/Coffee. An easy quick and less oil snack. more...

Spicy Poha/Khara Avalakki - An evening snack
Spicy Poha/Khara Avalakki - An evening snack, is a spicy easy to prepare dish. A Delicious, Crispy, crunchy, spicy dish with a cup of hot coffee/tea will be a good combination. more...

Nellikai Gojju/Amla Sauce
Nellikai Gojju/Amla Sauce is a mouth watering dish which can be served with chapati, dosa, rice,....Easy to prepare and tasty to eat!! more...

Coconut Burfi - Microwave
A Delicious Coconut Burfi can be prepared in few minutes in microwave. Tried coconut burfi for the first time in microwave, came out so well and thought of sharing this with you all..... more...

Ambode - Dal Vada - Masala Vada
Ambode is a traditional Karnataka dish which is very delicious, crispy and mouth watering. more...

Eggless French Toast
Prepared Eggless French Toast for breakfast and it tasted great. This is a great alternative for all those who are allergic to Egg or simply don\'t eat egg. Go ahead and try these Eggless French Toasts for a change and you will surely love it. more...

Kanji - Rice Kanji
Kanji is a simplest dish that can be prepared and goes well with pickle. Kanji is an age old recipe prepared mostly in all homes in the coastal Karnataka. Kanji is easy to digest, and hence good for people who are weak with illness. It is good for detoxification as well. more...

Simple Akki Tari Idli/Tatte Idli
Akki Tari Idli also called as Tatte Idli is a special idli which my mom prepares. Try right now and you will surely like this easy to prepare dish. As easy as 1 2 3 ... more...

Oven Baked Baby Potatoes
Oven Baked Baby potatoes is really very easy to prepare and very delicious too. It is great for side dish and snacks too. more...

Tomato Pepper Rasam
A fat free and spicy way to begin a winter meal. Can be had with rice too or just plain..... more...

Fat Free Popcorn
Dried corn kernels popped to perfection in the confines of your home, with absolutely no sweat. You may add any masala you like to the dried kernels to make masala popcorn. more...

Seemebadnekai Palya/ chayote squash sabzi
Seemebadnekai Palya/ chayote squash sabzi is very easy to prepare and tasty too. You can serve this with chapathi and also rice. more...

Seemebadnekai sippe/chayote squash skin chutney
Try this tasty chutney prepared with Seemebadnekai sippe/chayote squash skin. more...

Poha Chivda/ Avalakki Chivda - Microwave version
A family favorite in any home. This is a tasty crunchy anytime snack that one can make at home. It is almost as quick as popping into the provision store and buying a packet. more...

Onion Pakoda
Tasty Onion Pakoda an easy recipe can be prepared in minutes. more...

Eggless Pumpkin WheatFlour Cake
WheatFlour with pumpkin puree for the cake tastes awesome. Have a cup of tea with this cake, will taste great. Try this interesting and healthy eggless cake recipe ... more...

Rava Dosa - Instant Dosa
Rava Dosa is an instant Dosa which is very popular in all South Indian home. more...

Toor Dal Rasam/Kattina saru/Kattu
Delicious and Easy to prepare Dal Rasam with Rice. more...

Simple Spicy Poha/Avalakki Oggarane
Simple Spicy Poha/Avalakki Oggarane is an easy to cook, nutritious breakfast. more...

Hitakida Avarekal Huli
Hitakida Avarekal Huli is the most delicious spicy dish which is loved by all my family members. My mom prepares in a different style which gives Hitakida Avarekal Huli an excellent taste. Avare Kal (or Indian beans) is a popular vegetable consumed during winter. But now a days Avarekal is available in all seasons and so can be prepared anytime of the year. more...

Ragi Mudde - Finger Millet Balls
Ragi Mudde - Finger Millet Balls a popular dish of South Karnataka especially Mandya Region. Ragi Mudde is the simplest thing to prepare - very healthy food, good diet food, Fat free dish, Stomach filling...... more...

Eggless Brownie - Celebrating Our 200th Post
Friends, we just crossed 200th post and Our heartfelt thanks to all visitors, readers, family and friends for all the encouragement, compliments showered on us. I bet you can try this recipe and you will not be disappointed. Here goes the recipe of this.... more...

Bele Saaru/Simple Rasam
Bele Saaru/Simple Rasam is common dish usually prepared in all South Indian homes. Bele Saaru/Simple Rasam is best served with hot rice. Its a simple soup nice to drink too. Can be prepared easily and quickly. more...

Amla Sugar Candy - Step by Step Procedure
Medicinal use of Amla is endless. Eating Amla regularly will help you maintain good health. Amla pieces are sun dried and sweetened with sugar. You can store it in containers and use throughout the year. Only two ingredients amla and sugar are required for the preparation of this candy. more...

Masala Macaroni
Indian Style Masala Macaroni is tasty and spicy delight. Masala Macaroni is an excellent dish loved by kids. Recipe is very simple and healthy too. more...

Bonda/bajji is a very tasty crispy snack prepared in minutes in Karnataka. more...

Avarekalu Saaru
Avarekalu Saaru a delicious Saaru loved by all South Karnataka people..... more...

Lemon Rice/Chitranna
A delicious dish with the tanginess of lemon. A very common and easy to prepare south Indian dish, all that is required is the Lemon Juice and salt in correct proportion to make it delicious. more...

Easy Eggless Dates Cake
Eggless Dates cake is a perfect cake treat for all age groups.The cake is slightly moist, very soft and yummy. The dates flavour in cakes is the best I would say. more...

Benne Muruku/Chakkuli
Benne Muruku/Chakkuli is one of the popular snacks in Karnataka. Best tea time snack. Very easy and quick too... Try it out and you agree with me. Probably they would never say \'No\' to it if you offer them a bowlful of it with coffee or tea like this. more...

Maddur Vada
A unique snack of karnataka, India. A deep fried snack enjoyed anytime of the day. This south indian recipe is a wonderful snack loved by all. Maddur is famous for Maddur Vada, A traditional snack prepared in Maddur, Maddur is small town in the Mandya district which lies between the cities Bangalore and Mysore. more...

Sakkare Achchu - Step by Step Video Procedure
Sakkare acchu meaning sugar figures in various shapes, a Traditional Sankranti recipe. Ellu-bella and sakkare achchu are prepared for Sankranti festival and its distributed to all relatives,neighbours and friends. more...

Eggless Pineapple Cake
Eggless Pineapple Cake tastes yummy and delicious.It is an extremely moist cake and very easy to prepare. more...

Ellu Bella - Sankranti
The celebrations of Makar Sankranti in Karnataka is marked by preparing and distributing \"ellu-bella\" (ಎಳ್ಳು ಬೆಲ್ಲ)and Sakkare-achhu (sugar candy molds) to friends and relatives. People greet with the words \"Ellu bella thindu, Olle Maathu Aadu\", meaning \"Eat sesame seeds and jaggery and speak only good\". The significance of this exchange is that sweetness should prevail in all the dealings. more...

Moong Dal Roast/ Hesaru bele
Moong Dal Roast a simple snack prepared using microwave. Usually we buy Moong dal roast from stores but i tried it doing at home and sharing with you all..... more...

Avarekalu Akki Rotti
Akki Rotti is a yummy breakfast prepared mainly in South Kranataka. Different varieties of akki rotti\'s are prepared. Among them Avarekalu Akki Rotti is a special Rotti. more...

Adai Dosa
Adai Dosa is a nutritious rich dosa, a very simple and tasty. I prepare very often as my daughter loves it, she call it a protein dosa. more...

Carrot palya/ Carrot fry
Carrot Palya is a simple side dish prepared in karnataka. Carrot Palya goes well with Rice and sambar. Carrot Palya can also be served with chapati/roti. more...

Orange Peel/Orange Zest Chutney
Oranges are the most commonly grown fruit in the world. Grated Orange Peel commonly known as orange zest, is added to foods for flavoring. Try this delicious orange peel chutney which goes well with dosa, chapati or roti. more...

Orange Peel Gojju
Kittale hannu sippe/Orange Peel gojju tastes sour, tangy, spicy and sweet. It tastes great with rice or ragi balls. more...

Rings-Fryums Masala
Ring Masala/Fryums Masala is an evening snack or chaat item with the crispy rings placed on the plate, filled with grated carrots and onions and then relished with sweet and green chutneys as topping. more...

Khara Dosa
This is an easy and little bit different dosa. I learnt this from my aunt (Sakku aunty). It will be crispy and very spicy too. A nice variation from normal dosas. You can serve this Dosa without any chutney or sambar. My daughter has named this as Kodubale dosa. more...

Betel leaf bonda
Bonda/bajji is a very tasty crispy snack prepared in minutes in Karnataka. I tried using betel leaf to prepare bonda/bajji. Betel leaf bonda a unique recipe, very crispy and tasty bonda.... Just try and you will surely like this. more...

Jolada Roti or Jowar Roti
Jolada roti or Jowar roti or Bhaakri is prepared with no oil and fat and hence the healthiest roti. Any Chutney or spicy curries goes well with this roti. Yenne Badanekayi Palya taste great with this roti. more...

Lime juice gojju / Nimbe Hannina Gojju
Lime juice gojju / Nimbe Hannina Gojju is one of the spicy, tangy and easiest gojju which you can prepare in minutes. more...

Hurali kalu Dosa / Horsegram Dosa
Hurali kalu or Horse gram is a very healthy bean which is rich in protein. Horsegram dosa is very tasty, try this interesting recipe ... more...

Capsicum Rotti
Usually we prepare Akki Rotti with Avarekalu, Onion, Carrot, etc., But Capsicum Rice Rotti is a different combination but tastes very good. more...

Akki Tari Kadabu/ Khara Kadabu
Akki Tari Kadabu - breakfast dish made with broken rice. A very simple and easy to preapare dish. more...

Thondekai palya/Tindora Sabzi
Thondekai palya, a simple, easy to prepare dish and also very ideal for chapati. Thondekai (Tindora, tindori, tindoori in hindi, Ivy gourd in English) is claimed that it helps regulate blood sugar levels. Therefore, Ivy Gourd is sometimes recommended for diabetic patients. more...

Broken wheat Khara Pongal
Pongal is a healthy & tasty South Indian dish prepared with rice and moong dal, but this is slightly different. Here instead if rice i have used Broken wheat/Cracked wheat. more...

Hurali Kaayi Palya/ Beans Fry
Hurali Kaayi Palya/ Beans Fry is a common dish prepared during all occasions in karnataka. Tastes very good with Rice and Rasam. more...

Dantina Soppu Palya/Amarnath Leaves Fry
Dantina Soppu Palya/Amarnath Leaves Fry a simple, very easy to preapre and nutritious side dish. more...

Cabbage Soup
Soups form an integral part of any diet and act as an appetizer. Soups are served before a formal meal usually. Try this Tasty and very easy to prepare Cabbage Soup. more...

Ragi Rotti
Ragi or Millet(Finger Millet) is regularly used in the South Indian kitchens. It is in fact the staple diet in many villages across South India. This is the another version of Ragi Rotti presented here. more...

Chana Masala/Chole Masala
Chana masala is a traditional, delicious and popular Indian dish. You can serve chana masala with Puris, Parathas, Chapatis...... more...

Broken Wheat Idli
Broken Wheat is an excellent source of fiber and is also low in fat. Broken Wheat idli is a good options for a diabetic. Broken Wheat is known as gothumai rava or samba ravai in Tamil and dalia in hindi. I had earlier prepared pongal and that was excellent, one my friend suggested to try out Idli with Broken wheat and came out well..... more...

Bitter Gourd Crisps (Microwave)
Bitter gourd/Bitter melon, as the name suggests, is extremely bitter, but if prepared well it can even be your favorite. Bitter gourd is a common vegetable cultivated extensively all over India. Bitter melon has been used in various Asian and African traditional medicine systems for a long time. more...

Ragi Halbai - An Easy version/Ragi Halwa
Ragi or Finger Millet is rich in protein and calcium. Ragi Halbai is very easy to prepare and also very tasty. Ragi Halbai needs very few ingredients ragi and jaggery. A sweet which can be prepared without ghee and coconut. Try this easy version of Halwa/Halbai. more...

Kuchchida Kadabu - Sweet and Khara
Kuchchida Kadabu is very popular dish prepared on Nagara Panchami in Karnataka. A very tasty dish basically steamed. more...

Palak Paneer
A Rich, delicious & Traditional North-Indian Dish with the goodness of palak and Paneer. more...

Dhokla is a popular traditional Gujarati dish. A fluffy spongy dish made of besan. A quick and very easy, healthy snack! :). more...

Tomato Pulao or Tomato Rice
Tomato Pulao or Tomato Rice is easy to prepare and very delicious.It goes well with onion raita/pachadi/potato chips.It is ideal for packed lunch. more...

Rajma Masala / Red Kidney Beans Curry
Rajma Masala / Red Kidney Beans Curry is one of the best North Indian recipes. A very popular and authentic punjabi gravy made with red kidney beans. The best of Rajma are available in Jammu in India. more...

Set Dosa
Set Dosa is another variety of South Indian Dosa. Its so soft, spongy and fluffy. more...

Mangalore Southe kai Huli
Mangalore Soute Kai Huli a common traditional sambar/huli prepared for for weddings and festive meals. A traditional dish from the famed Mangalore-Udupi region. more...

The most popular breakfast of South Indians!!! Idly is not only easy to make but also extremely healthy and easy to digest. more...

Barley Soup
Prepare this delicious barley soup for dinner !! Barley is high in fibre, great source of Iron, folate and Magnesium. It helps in lowering cholesterol as well. Believe me barley looks very boring but tastes exotic! more...

Sankranthi Paka - Kasturi Channel
In Karnataka we celebrate Makara Sankranthi by preparing and distributing \"Ellu-bella\" and \"Sakkare Achhu\" to friends and relatives. We got an opportunity from Kasturi Channel to perform Sakkare Achhu, Pongal and Hittina Aambode. Here goes the show video ... more...

Dodaapatre Soppina Chitranna
Dodaapatre soppina chitranna is a super delicious quick meal ideal for lunch box. Here goes the recipe for this ... more...