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                                     Recipes that matched your search for tags :
Recipe Name
Kothambari soppu Chitranna/Coriander Leaves Rice
Do you have a bunch of coriander leaves in your kitchen? Just try this delicious rice/chitranna. It is very tasty and easy to prepare. Ideal for lunch box too. more...

Softy Ragi Roti/Finger Millet Roti
Ragi Roti is a tasty and a healthy breakfast. Try this recipe of Ragi Roti, it turns out to be very very soft. Ragi Roti and onion chutney is an awesome combination. more...

Green Tomato Sabzi/Tomato Kayee Palya
Green tomatoes taste very different from the usual red tomatoes. Green tomatoes Sabzi/Palya goes well with chapati and it tastes awesome. more...

Huggi /Khara Pongal with Gojju
Huggi/Khara Pongal is similar to Khichdi. In huggi no veggies are used, just moongdal,jeera and pepper corns. This is served as prasadam during Dhanurmasa in temples. more...

Bale Dindu/Plantain Stem Palya/Sabzi
Banana stem/Bale dindu is rich source of dietary fibre. Bale dindu Palya/Sabzi easy to prepare and it goes well with chapati. more...

Easy Rice Khichdi
Rice Khichdi is the easiest and quickest recipe for breakfast which i usually prepare. A nutritious and tasty breakfast too. more...

Simple Menthya Soppina Huli - Methi Leaves Sambar
Menthya Soppina Huli/Methi Leaves Sambar requires few ingredients, easy to prepare, taste good with rice and chapati too. more...

Chutney - Southekayi Thirulu/Inner part of tender cucumber seeds
We have already posted gojju from cucumber seeds, you can also prepare chutney from Southekayi Thirulu/Inner part of tender cucumber seeds. Here goes the recipe of this ... more...

Sandige Huli/Unde Huli - Karnataka Traditional Sambar
Sandige huli/Unde Huli is a traditional mouthwatering dish prepared mostly on Devarasamaradhane function. Sandige huli/Unde Huli does not include any vegetables mainly dal is used, so you can call it a high protein rich dish! more...

Ghee Rice
A very easy and quick dish prepared with ghee. Serve hot with raita or any side dish. more...

Instant Mixed Dosa
Instant Dosas are best when you have no time to soak, grind and ferment the dosa batter. Make this Instant Mixed Dosa delicious by topping it with onions, carrot and coriander leaves. more...

Pav Bhaji - Beetroot Bhaji
Pav Bhaji is a popular indian street food liked by everyone. Pav means Bun and Bhaji means mix vegetables.Pav bhaji is best for evening snack and sometimes kids love to carry this for their lunch box too. Try this simple version of beetroot pav bhaji more...

Green Vegetable Salad
Green Vegetable is a simple healthy salad prepared from green vegetables. Mixed vegetable salad is crunchy and has been prepared with small amounts of oil and spices for making it aromatic. more...

Microwave Corn Flour Halwa/Jelly is very easy to prepare and needs very little ghee unlike other sweets. Try this simple recipe of corn flour halwa ... more...

Gojju Avalakki/ Kuttu Avalakki
Gojju Avalakki/ Kuttu Avalakki is a very delicious poha (beaten rice) dish which can be prepared for breakfast as well, you can also serve this as prasadam during hindu festival days for your friends and relatives. A purely Karnataka dish which is a combination of spicy, sour and sweet (hulli, uppu, khara, sehi). more...

Authentic Kerala and Tamilnadu traditional dish which is prepared using all vegetables and the coconut oil which gives a beautiful aroma.... don\'t miss just try and you will surely like!!! more...

Corn Carrot Soup and Cutlet
Corn Carrot Soup is a very healthy,delicious and easy to make. A bowl of Corn carrot soup is quiet stomach filling and you can even skip your dinner. From the filtered corn carrot paste prepare the cutlet. Try this delicious soup and cutlet .. more...

Pineapple Juice
A juicy ripe Pineapple is a favorite fruit with children of all ages. Pineapple is loaded with vitamins and minerals and benefits can be achieved through eating fresh, canned or by drinking its juice. more...

Aloo Paratha
Aloo Paratha is a delicious and famous North Indian dish. Aloo Paratha is just a chapati but stuffed with Aloo Masala. A very easy recipe of Aloo Paratha. more...

Pudina Pulav/ Mint Rice Pulav
Pudina Pulav is one of the easiest dish which I usually prepare. Pudina Pulav is good for lunch box. I even prepare Pudina Rice but the taste is entirely different. more...

Rave Unde/ Rava Ladoo
Rave Unde a common and easy ladoo prepared in all south Indian houses, especially in Madhwa Brahmin houses. This is my sisters favorite dish too. more...

Amla/Nellikai Thokku
Amla/Nellikai Thokku is a traditional spicy side dish which is very much similar to pickle. Nellikai in Kannada is the Indian Gooseberry which is available in the market during the month of November (Kartika Masa). more...

Apple Jam - Microwave Recipe
Apple Jam is easy to make microwave recipe. Apple Jam makes yummy accompaniment to bread for the breakfast. Apple Jam is nutritious and kids enjoy them. Try this easy recipe of Apple Jam .. more...

Masala Peanuts/ Kara kadalai
I am preparing Masala Peanuts in Microwave, an evening snack which can be served with hot Tea/Coffee. An easy quick and less oil snack. more...

Grated Raw Banana Palya/Sabzi
Raw Banana is called Balekayi in Kannada. Raw Banana Palya/Sabzi is very easy to prepare and requires very less time. Grated Raw Banana Palya is very delicious and goes well with chapati. more...

Papaya Jam
Papaya is a fruit which is jam packed with numerous health benefiting nutrients. Try this easy version of Microwave Papaya Jam. more...

Sev/ Ompadi
Sev/ Ompadi, is a very easy dish prepared with besan. Sev/ Ompadi is used in almost all chats. more...

Cabbage Moong Dal Curry
Simple and Delicious Cabbage Mong Dal curry can be prepared in minutes. A simple healthy dish can be served with Chappatis. more...

1st Prize - SKCH Cooking Contest
Won the 1st Prize at my first cooking contest on 12Nov11 organized by SKCH for Gramotsav.Was a great experience! more...

Broken Wheat Bise Belle Bhath - World Diabetes Day
World Diabetes Day is held on November 14 each year. The day aims to increase an awareness of the effects of diabetes and its complications amongst the general population and professionals. In Significance of this day we have posted Broken Wheat Bise belle Bhath. more...

Raw Banana Patties
Raw Banana is called Balekayi in Kannada. Raw Banana Patties is easy to prepare and very tasty too. It also needs very few ingredients to prepare. more...

Hagalkayi/Karela/Bitter Gourd Carrot Sabzi
Karela Carrot Sabzi/Palya taste great with chapati. We have already posted Karela Gojju recipe, try this karela carrot sabzi ... more...

Spring Onion Upma
Upma or uppitu made from rava/sooji is a popular south indian breakfast. Spring Onion upma needs very few veggies and is good for breakfast. more...

Pudina Chitranna/Mint Rice
We have posted recipes for Pudina Pulav, Pudina Bhath, try this delightful Mint Rice/Pudina Chitranna. more...

Capsicum Raita
Capsicum Raita is a delicious recipe made with Yogurt. Raita goes well with rice and also with chapati or roti. more...

Dantina Soppu/Amarnath Leaves with Togarikalu/Green Pigeon Peas Sambar
Green Pigeon Peas are called Togarikalu in Kannada. Dantina Soppu with togarikalu is an excellent combination for sambar and goes well with hot rice. more...

Spicy Poha/Khara Avalakki - An evening snack
Spicy Poha/Khara Avalakki - An evening snack, is a spicy easy to prepare dish. A Delicious, Crispy, crunchy, spicy dish with a cup of hot coffee/tea will be a good combination. more...

Amla / Nellikai Murabba
Amla is a rare fruit which contains all tastes except salty. We generally prepare Pickles, Jams and juices from Amla. Try this tasty and healthy recipe of Amla called \"Amla Murabba\" more...

Kadalekalu Usuli/ Black Channa Sundal
Kadalekalu Usuli/ Black Channa Sundal is a popular prasada during Ganesha Habba. A delicious snack with coffee/tea in the evening too. more...

Home made Crispy Adike Pudi/Supari
Adike in Kannada commonly referred to as \"betel nut\" as it is often chewed wrapped in betel leaves. Home made Adike is chewed with beetal leaves and chunam(lime) after food during post pregnancy/bananthana. This is usually followed in South of Karnataka. more...

Amla Sharbat/Amla Squash
Amla juice is very refreshing and healthy too. Prepare this sharbat/squash, refrigerate in bottles. Try this recipe ... more...

Tomato Spring Onion Sabzi
Tomatoes are an important ingredient in all the major Indian recipes but some times it is the main dish in itself. Tomato Spring Onion Sabzi is very easy to prepare and taste great with chapati/roti. more...

Akki Tari Uppittu
Uppittu/upma is a common household breakfast in karnataka. Here i have used Akki tari instead of usual wheat rava/sujee. The taste of Akki Tari Uppittu with any peas is an excellent combination. more...

Methi Paratha
Methi paratha an awesome cuisine for dinner/breakfast and best enjoyed with a cup of curds or pickle. more...

Soppu Kalu Palya/Greengram Sabzi
Wheat and jowar rotis are the most popular and delicious dishes of North Karnataka. These rottis are served with different types of chutneys or spicy curries. Other common items served along with these rottis are kaalu palya, jholka (made out of channa dal flour), yenne badanekayi, soppu palya, and usli. Soppu Hesarukalu palya goes well with chapati and jowar roti. more...

Curry Leaves/Karibevu soppu chutney
Curry Leaves chutney can be taken with Dosas and Idly. Fresh curry leaves are best for this chutney. Curry Leaves when fried have a unique aroma. Karibevu soppu chutney recipe is of mixing curry leaves and tamarind with a good taste of chilli. more...

Nellikai Gojju/Amla Sauce
Nellikai Gojju/Amla Sauce is a mouth watering dish which can be served with chapati, dosa, rice,....Easy to prepare and tasty to eat!! more...

Mixed Vegetable Dosa - A Pink Dosa
Recipe of Mixed vegetable dosa here is different from the usual method. Try this tasty and nutritious pink colored dosa. more...

Soppu Molake Hesarukalu Huli/Sprouted Greengram Greens Sambar
Soppu Molake Hesarukalu Huli/Sprouted Greengram Greens Sambar is a very popular South Indian curry. Greens Sambar goes well with rice and also ragi balls. more...

Aloo Jeera
Potatoes are sauteed with Cumin seeds to make the mouth watering Aloo jeera. It is most delicious potato dish popular all over India and can be prepared within a few minutes. Cumin seeds add flavor and exciting aroma to the potatoes. Aloo Jeera taste great with hot chapati. more...

Sabsegi Soppu Onion Uppitu/Dill Leaves Upma
Sabsige Onion Upma is a yummy and delicious recipe for breakfast. Sabsige soppu is consumed in adundance during post pregnancy. Upma taste great if you can add togarikalu/pigeon peas or Peas along with Sabsige soppu and onion. more...

Bas Saaru and Palya / Gravy from Green Leaves
Bas saaru is Karnataka farmer\'s traditional dish. This dish is popular among Karnataka Gowdas. Bas saaru recipe here is prepared from Green Leaves (Soppu). Bas saaru is prepared by straining the water from the green leaves. It taste great with Ragi Balls. more...

Jeera Dhaniya Kashaya Powder
Jeera Dhaniya Kashaya Powder is a herbal drink powder prepared from Indian spices like cumin, coriander seeds, pepper corns and cinnamon. Jeera Dhaniya Kashaya is best during winter season. more...

Jeera Daniya Kashaya - A herbal drink
Jeera Daniya Kashaya is a herbal drink prepared from Indian spices Cumin, coriander seeds, pepper corns. Kashaya powder is boiled with thinned milk and this hot infusion taste yummy. more...

Tangy Tomato Chutney
Tomato Chutney is a tangy tomato and onion chutney.Tomato Chutney is prepared without the usage of coconut, hence you can refrigerate this chutney for a week. It taste great with chapati, parota, dosa, roti and idli. more...