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All Recipes > BreakfastPosted On: Monday, January 23, 2012
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         Ukkarisida Akki Rotti/ Softy Rice Roti

Akki roti is Karnataka's Speciality Recipe. Akki roti is best for breakfast. Ukkarisida akki roti is very very soft and goes well with any type of chutney.

There are two ways of preparing akki roti,  one is Masala Akki Roti which is very crispy and you can add lot of veggies in it and other is Ukkarisida Akki Roti which is very soft and goes well with any sabzi or chutney. Actually it tastes great with methi chutney. This akki roti needs no oil for roasting the rotis and is very easy to prepare. These rotis remains soft even after 8 hours also. Try this interesting recipe ...

akki roti


Rice Flour: 1 Cup

Salt: 1/2 tsp

Oil: 1 tsp

Cooked Rice: 2 tbsp

Water: 1.5 cups


1. Mix 1-2 tsp of rice flour, oil and salt in about 1.5 cups of water in a kadai. Add cooked rice to this. Bring the mixture to boil.

2. To this, add the remaining flour slowly and mix well. Switch off the flame. The rice flour should form a single dumpling and stick to the ladle.

3. Dip you hand in cold water and knead it well when it is still warm. Knead it for 4 - 5 times and make a soft, lumpless dough.

4. Make small balls out of the dough. Dust the surface and balls with rice flour and make chapatis out of them.

5. Roast them on hot tava. There is no need to add oil while roasting rottis.

Serve rotis with sabzi or chutney.

akki roti

13 friend(s) like this
Tags: akki roti

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Anu on January 24, 2012 said:

nice soft roti


chayadevi on January 29, 2012 said:

perfectly made…looks delish


Mahalakshmi on January 29, 2012 said:

Looks mouth watering! last two days back i had root cannel treatment thankx for the soft roti


sangeetha on January 29, 2012 said:

Its so perfect


girija on January 29, 2012 said:

Must try this for a variation..


Namratha k r on January 29, 2012 said:

Thanks for the lovely recipe! looks very soft. feel like eating from the web site only ha ha ha . . . .


vanamala on January 24, 2012 said:

nice one...


Nahusha begum on January 29, 2012 said:

I prepared this soft roti today for breakfast it had it with mutton kari it went very well so soft first two got tear off then onward it came well sab in the family liked apaka shukria